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ESG Is Still Revolutionising Finance, but We Need To Prioritise the ‘E’

1 September 2022|

Not much has captured the imagination of the finance and business community as much as Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG. Both investors and businesses have been enamoured by this phrase; a seemingly too-good-to-be-true scenario in which people can make money while changing the world for the better by factoring in certain ethical concerns into their investment choices.

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The Transition to a Greener Economy: An Unmissable Opportunity in the Balkans

26 August 2022|

Countries must end their reliance on coal and other fossil fuels and move towards a greener, more sustainable 21st Century. Although a challenging undertaking, the transition to a green economy provides particular promise for the Balkan region — and many projects are already on the way to delivering a cleaner economy.

Artificial Intelligence: Driving a Tech-first Revolution

23 May 2022|

Banking, at its core, is a simple concept; however, today, it is a technological marvel. From business banking to consumer fintechs, it is awash in innovation. Artificial intelligence (AI), or its programmed and non-autonomous cousin, machine learning, are areas of particular promise.

ESG: The Rising Opportunity for Finance

21 April 2022|

With banks driving digital for the past two years, 2022 is set to be the year of sustainability. Given the shift in public awareness towards climate change and ESG initiatives, it's becoming more important for consumers to support companies they view as proactive in combating environmental and societal issues.

Supplier Finance: Benefits for CFOs

22 March 2022|

At the end of 2020, international analyst house Gartner found that some 23% of organisations rely on supplier finance as a means of increasing cash flow.

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